Organized Play

Here you will find rules, guidelines, and event formats for running Marvel: Crisis Protocol Organized Play events! Whether you are a hobby store looking to bring in a crowd or a group of friends looking for the latest Ultimate Encounter, the relevant documents for your own Organized Play games can be found below.


Download the official Crisis Protocol Core Rulebook.

Core Rulebook

Organized Play Documents

Crisis Event Rules

In this packet you will find official rules and helpful suggestions for running a Crisis Event. This kit will help event organizers engage their communities with an easy event format that can be run in just a few hours.


Challenger Event Document

In this packet you will find official rules for running a Marvel: Crisis Protocol Challenger Event. Challenger Events use Swiss Rounds for pairing and are played until a winner is determined. This kit will provide resources for Event Organizers and players alike to understand the structure of these organized events, as well as the latest legal set symbols for relevant Timelines.


Hobby Night Guide

In this packet you will find a breakdown of how to run an Atomic Mass Hobby Night at your own local game store. The included suggestions and tips will help store owners ensure their in-store event is a success, whether it is their first or hundredth hobby hangout.


Banned and Restricted List

In this document you will find the latest rules for Banned and Restricted content in your games of Marvel: Crisis Protocol. Each official Timeline has its own Banned and Restricted content, as listed in this document. Newly added or altered content is written in teal for ease of access.


Timeline Events

Atomic Mass Games is excited to introduce a new premiere competitive format for Marvel: Crisis Protocol™ designed to be run at large, multi-day events. Each Timeline is a snapshot of the Marvel: Crisis Protocol universe that restricts the characters and cards available to players. By not having the entire Crisis Protocol range at their disposal, players will be challenged to think outside the box in order to find new and interesting Roster combinations they believe will lead them to victory.

Timeline Event Rules

In this packet you will find the official rules for running a Timeline Event. Timeline events introduce unique roster restrictions that have players build 3 Rosters, with 30 unique characters, from the current legal Timeline. Players use all 3 Rosters during the event, swapping between them in a prescribed order.


2024 Timeline List

The 2024 Timeline list is a resource of all the characters, Team Tactic Cards, and Infinity Gems legal in the 2024 Timeline. The list of characters also includes which Affiliations those characters are Affiliated with. The Restricted List for Organized Play is also included in this document.



In an Ultimate Encounter, players form a Crisis Team with multiple squads to battle a deadly threat in unique narrative missions called Encounters. Each of these Encounters specifies the number of players as well as the squad size for each player on their setup card.

All Will Be Metal

The Crisis Team players must battle Ultron, Master of Metal while evacuating civilians from the city. If they can Daze Ultron five times, his firmware will break down and he will be forced to retreat. Additionally, delaying his Doomsday Device long enough to rescue the terrified citizens will complete their objective of saving the populace from the mad machine!


The Incredible Hulk

The Crisis Team has been exposed to dangerous levels of gamma radiation, which has caused them to “Hulk out.” Unable to control the gamma-fueled rage coursing through their blood, the members of the Crisis Team threaten to cause untold damage. Only the Incredible Hulk has the power to stop the Crisis Team’s rampage, cure the gamma poisoning, and save the city!


Vibranium Heist

Erik Killmonger is intent on taking Wakanda's Vibranium for himself, and its protectors are intent on stopping him. In this single-day event players take turns on both sides of an asymmetric conflict that will see someone in charge of the precious Vibranium… for better or worse.


Infinity War

In this league event, players race to collect the might of some of the universe's most powerful artifacts: the Infinity Gems! Each game brings players one step closer to mastery of the infinite, as both their team and their opponent's power up with permanent upgrades from their struggles.


Mutant Masterworks

Magneto has made moves to steal a dangerous armed warhead for his own purposes. Only the Crisis Teams have any hope of stopping him and retrieving the bomb before it is detonated—but will even the combined abilities of two full Squads be enough? Play to find out for yourself in this three-player Ultimate Encounter for Marvel: Crisis Protocol!


Separation Anxiety


Domain Dormammu


Unstoppable Colossus



Arena Format: Battle Realm

Arena Formats are designed as options for enhancing/altering the standard play experience in both Crisis Day Events and, if both players agree, standard one-off games of Crisis Protocol during a game night at their LGS, game club, home, etc. Arena Formats typically require each player to bring an expanded or alternate roster to the game compared to the standard roster rules for Crisis Protocol.


Party Format: Collector

Party Formats are designed for player groups of close friends or family interested in playing a format that requires a much greater effort of coordination and organization among the players. Thus, Party Formats are not for use in Crisis Day Events or other organized events where players from different communities come together to celebrate the fun and enjoyment of Crisis Protocol. Instead, these are formats designed for tight-knit groups to come together and have a fun day of Crisis Protocol gaming among their close friends.


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