Atomic Mass Games Presents:

Path of The Worthy

A Marvel: Crisis Protocol Painting Competition

“The Worthy” is the ultimate test of skill for Marvel: Crisis Protocol hobbyists. This painting competition will bring the pages of the comics to life in grand fashion before our eyes. “The Worthy” is designed to help painters better themselves and grow, allow creators to bring their favorite characters to life, and celebrate the Marvel Universe like never before. This is truly a competition for the worthy. See below for abridged rules.


For a full entry guide, click here.

How to enter

  • Contestants must fill out an official entry form on-site when submitting their entry
  • Each entry will need a separate form

More Details:

  • All entries must be comprised of miniatures produced for Crisis Protocol.
  • Entries must be representative of released characters from Crisis Protocol.
  • Conversions are allowed as long as the majority of the entry is Crisis Protocol parts.
  • Conversions must be comprised entirely of Crisis Protocol parts and/or scratch-built parts. Conversions must be set in the Crisis Protocol narrative.
  • Entries may not contain IP from other licenses.
  • Entries must not bear likeness to any person(s) living or dead.
  • Entries must be mounted on a scenic base interacting with a detailed environment. Display bases may be a plinth or other decorative base or an official Crisis Protocol base.
  • Entry registration must be done in person by the person who painted the entry.
  • Each participant may only enter 1 entry into each category.
  • Single miniature – A single Crisis Protocol character miniature
  • Dual – A scene featuring 2 Crisis Protocol character miniatures
  • Squad – 3-6 Crisis Protocol character miniatures
  • The Destined – A single Crisis Protocol character miniature

Description of Categories

Single Miniature: Participants age 18+. A single Crisis Protocol character miniature; entire entry size not larger than 120 mm. wide by 120 mm. deep, by 150 mm. high.

Dual: Participants age 18+. A scene featuring two (2) Crisis Protocol characters; entire entry size not larger than 200 mm. wide by 200 mm. deep by 220 mm. high.

Squad: Participants age 18+. Three (3) to six (6)  Crisis Protocol miniatures; entire entry size not larger than 300 mm. wide by 300 mm. deep, by 300 mm. high.

Destined: Ages 14 – 17 only. A single Crisis Protocol character miniature; entire entry size not larger than 120 mm. wide by 120 mm. deep, by 150 mm. high.

All Participants must follow the guidelines listed below in order to be eligible to win a prize in one of the categories:

  • All entries must be using Crisis Protocol miniatures, which will not be provided to Participants. Conversions must consist of fifty-one percent (51%) or more of Crisis Protocol miniatures. Conversions must be composed entirely of Crisis Protocol miniature parts and/or scratch-built parts.
  • All entries must encapsulate the Crisis Protocol atmosphere and narrative.
    Entries may not include elements of other intellectual property (“IP”) or license(s) including, but not limited to sports teams, cartoon characters and products.
  • Scratch-built terrain, resin bases, and hobby miniature terrain accessories produced by third party companies who do NOT also produce and/or market tabletop miniature games are allowed. * This can include, but is not limited to grass tufts, flock, pre-made trees, resin terrain, and brass etched parts.
  • All entries must be mounted on a scenic base and interacting with the environment. This display base may be a decorative base, or plinth, or appropriately sized Crisis Protocol base.

Judges will be looking at creativity, atmosphere, technical skill, narrative, and consistent application of skill among many other elements to choose those who stand out. It is also important that you express your style in your entry. The judges will look at what you did, not at what you did not do, meaning we will not judge you for not having any special effects, for example, we will take note if your application of those effects is rendered haphazardly. Remember, a good story is important in a painting competition, so do not hold back on the narrative and atmosphere.

Each entry will be judged on their own merit allowing individuals to gauge their progress year to year. Entries deserving of medals will be awarded bronze, silver, or gold based on an individual basis. Everyone who earns a gold will get a gold; you will not be pitted against anyone else at this level. Of the gold medals awarded, 1 in each category will receive the title of “ Mighty” and is awarded the coveted Mjolnir trophy. Of the 3 entries receiving the mantle of “Mighty, 1 will be chosen to become the Worthy and receive the grand prize of the Odin trophy.